Patient Information

Patient Information

These are some of the most frequently asked questions at the clinic.

How do I get an appointment for dental care?

You must already be a patient of the Page Free Clinic. If you have not been to our clinic before, please see us on Tuesday from 4p-7p to establish as a patient. If you have been to the practice – please give us a call at 540-743-1054 or stop by during business hours.

What do I need to get established as a patient?

Please visits our patient’s requirement page on the website. If you can fill out the eligibility form, bring it with you. If you cannot print it before your visit, we will have one for you. Please bring proof of Page County residence (like a driver’s license or piece of mail) and proof of income (paystub or tax return).

What if I cannot afford my prescription?

We have several options to assist with obtaining prescriptions, including mail ordering medications and a prescription assistance program. We can get most prescriptions for free or a discounted rate.

What hours are the clinic open?

The free clinic has returned to in-office visits.

Hours are every Tuesday from 4:00pm – 7:00pm. 

All patients must wear a mask and will be screened at the door.

What if I need labs, like blood drawn?

We have a partnership with Valley Health Page Memorial Hospital that will collect our labs for free. 

How do I know if I qualify for Medicaid?
Is there a charge for a visit at the Page Free Clinic?

No, all visits are free.

What if I do not have a job or file taxes?

If you do not have a paystub or tax return, please bring in a bank statement.